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Wilson's Wish is a five-acre animal sanctuary located just north of Luxemburg, WI.  Founded in 2019 by Dave and Tonya Edwards, the sanctuary is currently home to just over fifty-five animals who have come to us from a variety of circumstances; from neglect to special needs cases to needing a place to enjoy their "retirement years".  Our primary focus is to provide respite and healing to farm animals in need; currently in our care are alpacas, a llama, mini horses, mini donkeys, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, barn cats, cows and of course, our resident sheep, Shelly.  We are a 501(c)3 and solely funded and operated by donations.

Our Story

In 2019, we laid to rest our beloved Great Pyrenees Wilson.  Despite knowing nothing but neglect his entire life, this sweet senior simply radiated joy and love toward everyone he met.  Although Wilson was only with us for two short years, the impact he left on our lives is immeasurable.  Shortly after his passing, we gave up the comforts of city living and corporate jobs to move to tiny farmette in Seymour with hopes of fostering senior and special needs dogs.  During that brief time, we received a call about another Pyrenees in desperate need.  Unfortunately, we found out very early on that Moe is not a big fan of sharing attention with other dogs, so we made the (obvious) move to farm animals!  What started with two alpacas in the spring of 2020 quickly grew by two potbellied pigs, three donkeys and a whole slew of chickens!  Quickly realizing that we were in need of more room in order to impact more lives, we moved to our current location in December of 2020.  Over the past three years, we have not only taken in countless animals, we have also become a resource to those seeking assistance with rehoming of animals.  We understand our limitations but also know that although we cannot be everyone's second chance, we can use the resources we have at our fingertips to find the second chance that IS perfect for them.


Dave and I are no strangers to second chances, so we understand the impact one small act can have on someone's life.  Throughout this journey, we have had the pleasure of meeting SO many supportive and inspiring individuals.  We are honored to have become a positive resource in our community offering educational opportunities', volunteer hours, animal interactions and most importantly...  a place to feel welcome despite whatever situation brought you to us. As always ...  Everyone is welcome at The Wish.

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